Energy Healing Phone Sessions




     Most of us are becoming more and more aware of Energy and the part it plays in our lives. The power of our intentions and thoughts, the connection we have with others (even over a long distance), how we let others influence the way we feel and vice versa, etc. Quantum Physics' finds new things daily that show we are mostly energy.

     Research and experience have shown that the body and the energies in them are intertwined. When one is affected, the other is as well. For example, CranioSacral Therapy uses physical touch to unwind the tissues which in turn may release trapped energies. Energy Healing works from the other direction  – by shifting the energy so the tissues will follow and can then heal. 

     Energy Healing can clear many issues on a mental, emotional, and physical level in an easy, non-invasive way. For example: health issues, depression, addictions, fears, etc. Even genetic issues that have been passed down through the years can be released.

     Nancy brings to the session her many years of experience, intuition and training, helping the client tune into their Inner Wisdom to discover what is best to help them heal. This is a blend of advanced levels of CranioSacral Therapy along with a mixture of techniques from The Carolyn Cooper SimplyHealed Method®, Pranic Healing, and Spring Forest QiGong,

     60 minute phone sessions are a great option for people out of the area who cannot come into Nancy's office, or those who prefer the comfort of their own home. It works like phones and email… it makes no difference how far away we are from each other geographically.


Note: Skype is used for people outside of the U.S. simply to save on costs for both parties; thus making this healing modality even more accessible to all.
Plan ahead: When you choose a time for your phone sessions, it's best to arrange it when you can be alone in a quiet, calm, relaxing place, like your bed or couch. You could even make your office work if you're able to put up a "do not disturb" sign and turn off the phones. Energy moves easier when you are well hydrated, so it's suggested to have a bottle of water handy, and maybe a pen and paper nearby in case you'd like to write something down.
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60 min. Phone sessions – $88    Limited time offer: $20 off your first session! Use the coupon code "FIRST" when paying.